About Us


With the technological advancements in computers & internet areas, we are changing the way we learn, and what we learn! We see a high demand for programmers, and it will only continue to grow.

In the 1980s, someone with basic programming knowledge would get a job. It is no more the case. The industry expects more, and the bar is high.

Not many schools encourage students and provide the tools necessary for the young to be ready & thrive!

We spoon-feed kids with the curriculum in a cookie-cutter manner, which annihilates their productivity and creative thinking.

We believe that the students must have the tools necessary to learn at their own pace & will. They might start slow, but they will surely gain the confidence that they can achieve anything!

We offer online self-paced courses for kids of all ages!

We want to hold the hands of the young mind and walk towards self-learning.